Agirlvct Lemon Squeezer, Heavy Duty Zinc Manual Lemon Juicer, Threaded Groove Fresh Small Oranges Limes Juicer Hand Press Manual Press for Home Restaurant Kitchen Accessories Utensils(Gold)

This durable manual juicer is made from zinc and is finished with a gold color coating, making it a perfect addition to your cocktail accessories for years to come. The ergonomic handle makes the lemon lime squeezer super comfortable for even kids to use.

After adding a tangy flavor to your recipe, simply toss the citrus juicer in the dishwasher for a quick cleanup. Our juice press can also be effortlessly cleaned by running it under water.

This Lime squeezer adopts a humanized appearance: portable and effortless. Smooth lines prevent hand pain. Simple operation: open the clip, take out half of the lemon peel press upwards, and squeeze fresh juice in one second. Process and also power-saving health.

 The manual fruit juicer with gold color has a long handle that is easy to press. The thickened arc design at the front is stylish and exquisite. The screw groove design at the rear of the lime squeezer is stainless making it more convenient.