Astral Original Moisturiser Review – Beautiful With Brains

You may have heard that lanolin is a common allergen. That’s not true. Not anymore, anyway. Let me explain. Lanolin is a problem only when you put it in skincare products as is. That’s when the pesticides farmers used on their crops (and sheep) make their way onto your skin and irritate it.
These days, lanolin undergoes a purification process to remove all kinds of pesticides and other impurities before being added to moisturizers, like Astral Original. The end result is very safe and gentle.

Did you know that Astral Original All Over Moisturiser has been around since 1950? That’s a huge achievement – especially in a beauty world where most products don’t make it to 5 years old… What’s so special about Astral Original cream to make it last the test of time? Is it just a habit passed down from generation, the reputation of days of yore, or is the formula still as groundbreaking today as it was when it first hit the market? Only one way to find out. I’ve put it to the test and here’s what happened:

Key Ingredients In Astral Original All Over Moisturiser: What Makes It Work?
Glycerin is a moisture magnet. Literally. Like a magnet, it attracts moisture from the environment into your skin and binds it there. Like Korean skincare taught us, moisture is just what skin needs to thrive. When skin has all the moisture it needs, it become softer to the touch. Fine lines plump up, so they look smaller. And the whole complexion takes on a dewy glow.

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Lanolin is the thick, greasy, yellow substance sheep naturally produce to protect themselves from harsh weather. It’s super moisturizing. It literally waterproofs skin, so that the extra moisture glycerin brings into your skin stays there. It can’t evaporate out and dry your skin again. Phew!