Bubble Skincare’s Vitamin C Serum Fades My Dark Spots Like No Other

Last year, I decided to incorporate vitamin C into my skincare routine. I had held off on doing this for so long because I was worried about mixing certain ingredients, but I decided it was time to give the antioxidant a chance. Long story short, the vitamin C serum I picked ultimately broke me out and from then on, I swore I’d dodge vitamin C at all costs. That is, up until I tested Bubble Skincare’s Day Dream Serum. 

In case you didn’t know, Bubble Skincare formulates products for teenage skin. The brand’s offerings are gentle yet effective and science-backed yet affordable. I had seen and heard about Bubble Skincare and figured if there’s any vitamin C serum that won’t irritate my skin, it’s likely one that comes from a brand that targets teenage skin.

After using this vitamin C- and niacinamide-packed serum that’s meant to improve skin tone and texture, I can confidently report back that I was right. I’m about to empty my first bottle of the Day Dream Serum and have experienced nothing but positive results. I have oily, acne-prone skin, so I was initially hoping the serum would fade acne scars, even skin texture and keep blemishes at bay (especially deeper, more stubborn ones). Lucky for me, the product did just that—minus any irritation this time. And I just picked up my second bottle!

Bubble Skincare Day Dream Serum

While I’ve seen so many popular vitamin C serums mixing vitamin C with vitamin E and ferulic acid, I’m thinking Bubble Skincare is onto something with this vitamin C and niacinamide pairing. 

Vitamin C is known to brighten and smooth your complexion, as well as protect it from sun damage. Meanwhile, niacinamide is great for soothing irritation, hydrating skin and promoting a healthy skin barrier. Sounds like a match made in heaven for acne-prone skin, huh? 

I can’t forget to mention that plant-derived ceramides help maintain a healthy skin barrier and alpha arbutin fades spots and smooths uneven skin tone. All of these key ingredients work together to boost your complexion’s radiance, and it definitely shows in the results I saw.

While I still do get some blackheads and blemishes, this serum assists in keeping both to a minimum. But I’m most impressed by how well the formula fades dark spots, specifically acne scars. I get a lot of those—even when I don’t pick at the blemishes—but this face serum makes the scars far less noticeable in just a few days. Before using this product on a daily basis, I would have to wait ages for my spots to disappear, so I am more than relieved to have a tried-and-true product that’ll get the job done super fast. 

Before jumping into using this vitamin C serum, you should of course know how to apply it. During your morning skincare routine, make sure you start with your cleanser and toner. Once your skin is clean and dry, go in with the Day Dream Serum and let it absorb into your skin for one minute before dipping into your moisturizer and lathering your face with sunscreen.

Bubble Skincare notes that you can use this face serum once or twice a day. If you’re also applying it during your nighttime routine, follow the same steps, but end your routine with a moisturizer (there’s of course no need for an SPF right before you go to bed). 

If you need more convincing, the Day Dream Serum has an average rating that’s as close to perfect as it gets. With a 4.9-star overall rating, one shopper raved, “I really like the consistency and how it goes on the skin! Love the ingredients and have noticed visible changes in my skin texture!”

“Was told by a friend that this could really help with my melasma so I tried it and it really worked! It’s all faded to scarring at this point,” wrote another five-star reviewer. “There aren’t any strong smells as far as I’m aware and it’s a bit sticky, but once it dries and you put your moisturizer on afterward, it’s all good. Great product!”