Karseell’s Collagen Hair Mask Leaves Hair Smooth, Shiny, & Tangle-Free

If you’ve ever treated your strands to a good hair mask, you know just how amazing the results can be. Sure, your shampoo and conditioner alone should be able to soften and smooth your strands, but a mask adds some extra oomph to your locks. Think shine, gloss, smoothness, and more. One such product that needs to be on your radar is Karseell’s collagen hair mask.

Costing under $22 on Amazon (it’s on sale for a whopping 46 percent off right now), this treatment relies on a trio of hair-loving ingredients. Argan oil softens strands, wheat protein strengthens hair and adds shine to it, and collagen nourishes and moisturizes locks. If you’ve got dry strands or damage caused by chemicals, sun exposure, or pollution, this mask is about to become your new best friend. 

Ideal for all hair—including color-treated and chemically processed—Karseell’s hair mask gives you the best bang for your buck, too, since it comes in a 16.9-ounce tub that’ll ring you up for just $22. So stock up on Amazon and get ready to watch your dry, dull, damaged hair become hydrated, smooth, and shiny
like you’ve never seen before.


If you’re wondering how exactly this product impacts hair, Amazon shoppers have been running to the reviews section to sing this hair mask’s praises. 

“I use this product once a week to deep condition my hair. First of all, it smells amazing!! I followed the directions for usage, and I was NOT DISAPPOINTED,” one user wrote. “It left my hair so very soft and silky
feeling with just the first usage. My hair tangles easily when I was it, and this knocked out every tangle.”

“It truly has improved my hair. It has helped with the frizziness
. The feel is so much better. Feels and looks healthier,” another one commented. 

Apply the collagen hair mask to washed and towel-dried hair and then spread the cream throughout your strands. Give the mask five to 10 minutes, rinse it out well, and voila!

“This product is hands down one of the best products I’ve ever bought for mine and my daughter’s hair. We have curly hair but different texture. My daughter has thicker more coarse hair so when we blow it out, it’s a bit frizzy even with a straightener. Lots of dead ends even with regular trims. Saw this product and gave it a try. Amazing results!!!! Shiny, glossy movement