Stray Cat Went from Braving the Street and Heavy Rain to Now Being Held Lovingly in a Place of His Dreams

A stray cat went from braving the street and heavy rain to being held lovingly in a place of his dreams. Percy the cat Alley Cat Rescue A few weeks ago, a starving orange cat showed up in a neighborhood, scrounging around for food. Volunteers (in SoCal) of Alley Cat Rescue, who help and manage the local cat colony, came upon the tabby and noticed his big, impressive cheeks. At the time, the area was experiencing heavy rain, and the new kid on the block struggled to feed himself and find safe shelter. Volunteers rescued him with a humane trap and brought him to a clinic where they discovered he was friendly. The cat was hungry, covered in fleas, and had claw marks on his nose, but behind those weary eyes lay a sweet soul longing for love. Percy was tired after fending for himself outside for so long Alley Cat Rescue ”No microchip and no missing cat fliers online could be found, so into the foster program he went,” Alley Cat Rescue shared. They lovingly named him Percy, and that night, “he snuggled up, watching the rain fall on a skylight. ”Percy huddled on a desk behind two computer screens while taking his time to relax and adjust to his new environment. He was glad to be out of the rain Alley Cat Rescue He was tired after fending for himself outside for so long but relieved to be out of the rain and have a full belly and a comfortable place to catch some shut-eye. It didn’t take long for Percy to come out of his shell and seek affection. After a few worry-free days indoors, Percy’s coat looked brighter and cleaner, and the weariness in his eyes melted away. Percy turned into a snuggly lap cat Alley Cat Rescue As he acclimated to his new space and warmed up to his careers, he moved from the nook of the desk to an open lap. Percy discovered his penchant for cuddles and became a snuggly leg warmer with a purr motor. He filled his human’s lap with his big frame, curling into a purring donut. Alley Cat Rescue ”This silly 12-lb boy doesn’t understand the limitations of the lap-to-cat ratio. He is being held up by a struggling arm. ”If his foster mom stepped away for a minute, he would sprawl out in her chair, keeping it warm until her return. Percy offered “help” around the office and enjoyed sharing a seat with his people as it made him feel safe and snug. He enjoyed sharing a seat with his career Alley Cat Rescue The former Tom became a shining star at the rescue and melted hearts with his gentle, sweet disposition. He lounged about all day, dreaming about snacks and cuddles. Percy lassoed the hearts of a lovely family when he wriggled his way into their arms. Percy has found his forever home Percy’s adopters He has settled beautifully into his new abode, his forever home, and claimed every inch of his kingdom. He shares the bed with his family every night and greets them with the sweetest purrs and the warmest snuggles in the morning. He is living like a king Percy’s adopters Just a few weeks ago, “former street cat, Percy, was skinny and scratched up from fighting with other males.