Wolf Sable Pomeranian: Info, Pictures, Care Guide, Temperament & Traits

Pomeranians are loved for their remarkable qualities, including their intelligence, loyalty, affection, and of course, their adorable, cute looks and soft fluffy coat. Their coat is one of their hallmark qualities, and they come in a range of fantastic colors and patterns.

The Wolf Sable Pomeranian is a rare but stunning type of Pomeranian. While its personality matches that of any other Pomeranian, the sable coat stands out and gives it a look that resembles a plush wolf but even cuter!

11–12 inches

4–8 pounds

12–16 years

Wolf sable, white, cream, tan, brown, gray, black, red, orange, blue

Suitable for:
Seniors, singles, apartment living, therapy dog

Intelligent, playful, affectionate, extroverted, friendly, active

The Wolf Sable Pomeranian shares the same qualities as other Pomeranians. This toy breed dog has several adorable qualities, and their coat colors are certainly one of them. Wolf Sable Pomeranians are dogs with a particular genetic mix that results in one of the oldest fur patterns ever seen, which dates back to the grey wolf. They have a light gray undercoat with a black-tipped outer coat creating a strikingly beautiful color variation. Their coats can have more sable, which makes them appear darker, while some can have less sable, making them appear lighter.