NEW Men's Silicone Wedding Ring 6-Pack Breathable and Durable Rubber Bands

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NEW Men's Silicone Wedding Ring 6-Pack Breathable and Durable Rubber Bands 

True beauty comes from within – express yourself through your jewelry choices. Add a touch of elegance to your outfit with this fashionable ring. The ring features a simple yet stylish design and is perfect for any occasion, whether you are dressing up for a night out or need a little extra sparkle in your everyday life. Get ready to elevate your style with this stunning piece of jewelry.
Stylish silicone wedding bands show your charm and protect your fingers from injury.

*Ideal for men who love sports doing physical work. Our silicone wedding rings are often used for lifting, climbing, fishing, running, surfing, driving, or any manual labor.

*Electricians, woodworkers, construction workers, firemen, policemen, soldiers, truck drivers, workshop workers, or sports enthusiasts will be very excited to wear our rubber rings, which will keep their fingers safe under any extreme conditions.

*Flexible silicone ring is hypoallergenic, high-quality silicone material makes it much more comfortable and breathable, and doesn’t leave swollen knuckles.

* Just 8.7mm wide and have a thickness of 2 mm. A lightweight for extra comfort during activity.

Please refer to the following sizes
Width: - 8.7 mm
Thickness: - 2 mm
6.5 - 7 (17.35mm)
7.5 - 8 (18.2mm)
8.5 - 9 (18.9mm)
9.5 - 10 (19.8mm)
10.5 - 11 (20.6mm)
11.5 - 12 (21.3mm)
12.5 - 13 (22.33mm)
13.5 - 14 (22.69mm)
15 - 15.5 (23.06mm)
16 - 16.5 (23.47mm)

6pcs silicone wedding rubber rings for men ( Camo, Blue, Dark Grey, Black)

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